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CLICK HERE for the LTC State Application ,

Check your LTC status or renew your LTC


Texas Online Licens​e To Carry Course

Take the License To Carry class online. If you are uncomfortable sitting in a class full of people, have a busy schedule, or just don't want to wait for an open seat to become available, then skip ahead of the waiting line and take the classroom portion online in the comfort of your home , office, or anywhere using your phone, computer, or tablet. This is the official State of Texas DPS online course to get your LTC and legally carry a pistol in Texas. The online course is a minimum mandated 4 hours long and is required to get your LTC.  You can take the online class at your own pace , 30 minutes a day or finish it all at once. It saves your progress so you can come and go at your convenience, it's up to you.  After completing the online course you will receive a downloadable form called a LTC-101 form that you need to print out . Now you need to find a certified LTC instructor near you to finish your required 1 to 2 hours of range instruction training. The range instruction training is a separate fee which is determined by the instructor you attend. After successfully completing the range training the LTC instructor will sign your LTC-101 form which you then turn into the State or Texas (links provided below). The range fee is currently $60 if you take your Online class through this website link at the bottom . If you take the online course somewhere else and then come to Ranch Patrol Firearms Training to complete the range training the fee will be $80. Ranch Patrol Firearms Training is located in Athens Texas and has range training available at night during the weekdays . Call or text to schedule an appointment for your range training.  

After clicking on the link below Do Not add anything extra to your cart , it automatically adds this class to your cart. Just check out with your credit or debit card. For questions feel to call or text.

 Click here to safely and securely checkout and get started on your online course . 

Online LTC class $60

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Don't spend 45 hours in a classroom, take your level 2-3 and 4 security class online. This process is much more affordable and convenient. Click on the link above to do your level 2-3-and level 4 security class and renewals online. Ranch Patrol Firearms Training can provide the Level 3 "Part 2" training which includes firearms training, handcuffs, baton, and the shooting range qualification. 


Security Renewal Level 3 and 4​​

Range Qualification $60 click on this link to get started on your online renewal . After completing, bring your PSP-31 form with you for the range qualification.

OC Spray Certification

 This is a required 2 hour course for a security officer with at least a level 3 certification to carry OC spray. This certificate does not require the security officer to be sprayed. This certificate stays on the individuals records and is only required once.




Security training

Level 2


Church Security Training



Renewal $60


Online Level 3 Security Part 2

Use of force, Firearms, handcuffs, Baton, Range Test




Beginner Pistol Class




Guardian Program

School Safety Active Shooter Certification Class


this class is open to teachers with a LTC 

Call for details

$150 for just the range training.


Texas Online LTC Course $60*


Defensive Pistol 1



Defensive Pistol 2



Defensive Pistol 3





Click Here to Submit Your LTC-100 that you received at the end of class

On the left side of the DPS page click on              " Submit LTC Supporting Documents "

Click Here to Submit Your LTC-100 that you received at the end of class

On the left side of the DPS page click on              " Submit LTC Supporting Documents "

Our Team

Safety , Knowledge , Skill , Attitude

Marcus Hampton


 LTC Instructor 

Level 3 Security Instructor 

NRA Pistol Instructor

 Personal Protection Officer

Guardian Program

School Safety Instructor


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